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Upcoming AMBDC Events:

2017 Rocky Mountain Sahavas

24th Annual Rocky Mountain Sahavas
For Beloved Avatar Meher Baba
at Sunrise Ranch
September 8–10, 2017


Our Guests this year are Allen Cohen and Brian Darnell

This Year's Theme:
Tools for Fools, Practical Spirituality with Meher Baba


Allan Cohen

ALLAN COHEN communicated with Meher Baba, before His passing in 1969, and, along with other young followers, was given the directive to bring accurate spiritual perspectives to American young people, especially with regard to the futility of drugs, and living the path of loving service. With Meher Baba’s encouragement, Cohen compiled and edited those of Meher Baba’s writings which focus on practical approaches for spiritual development (The Mastery of Consciousness). A licensed clinical psychologist, researcher and educator, he has been nationally recognized as a leading figure in substance abuse prevention.

Recently, Allan’s lectures and informal discussions have responded to the growing interest in the connection between spiritual and psychological experience, and the personal challenges of reducing ego-driven motivation by enhancing God-oriented motivation. Using stories, humor and a delightful perspective on spiritual development, he presents Meher Baba’s comprehensive theology and offers practical guidance for spiritual aspirants.

Brain Darnell

BRIAN DARNELL is a poet, singer/songwriter who lives in Athens, Georgia. He has been performing for the Baba community for the last twenty years, both poetry and songs. He has published two novels, three books of spiritual poetry and written numerous Baba songs, many of which have been recorded by others and are frequently performed in India






Sahavas Activities

♥ Participate in a medley of words and music celebrating Avatar Meher Baba, the Ancient One
♥ Share stories, meals, songs, prayers, poems, and companionship
♥ Experience the beauty of fall in Colorado

The Sahavas Location

Nestled in the foothills of the Rockies, Sunrise Ranch is located about 1.5 hours north of Denver at 100 Sunrise Ranch Road, Loveland, CO 80538. Phone is 970-679-4200. The facilities are quiet and comfortable, the staff is helpful and most welcoming, and the food is excellent. For an overview of the ranch, please see


The self-choice food line provides meals that are wholesome, balanced, mostly grown-on-site, organic, and prepared with great care to satisfy vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and I’ll-eat-anything diets. Please note dietary needs when you register.

To Register

To assure on-site accommodation, early registration is recommended as rooms at the Sahavas site are limited. Alternate lodging is available in Loveland (about 10 miles away). The link below will take you directly to Sahavas registration. To see rates, click “register,” then “choose option” next to “lodging type.” Online registration requires full payment.

› PLEASE REGISTER BY CLICKING HERE ‹ The link will take you to the Sunrise Ranch web site where you can complete your registration. Online registration requires full payment. If you go to the Sunrise web site, abd do not use the link provided above, you must click on "Book Accounts," not "Register Now."

You may also register by phone (970-679-4200) with a 50% deposit and pay the balance on arrival. So that we and Sunrise may prepare, PLEASE REGISTER NO LATER THAN AUGUST 18. After that date, an additional $25 will be charged.

Single Night Registration

If registering for one night only, you must call Sunrise Ranch at 970-679-4200, as the online registration only pertains to the full two nights and three days.

Financial Assistance

AMBDC does have some funds available for financial assistance. If anyone wishes to request help, please contact Amy Steele by email by clicking her name.

The Campground Option

If you want to camp on the Sunrise Ranch grounds, please call 970-679-4200 and arrange specifics.


Check In 2 p.m., Friday, September 8.
Check Out 11 a.m., Sunday, September 10.

Stuff to Bring

A photo of Baba for your room. Layers for changeable late September weather. A robe for those late night trips to the restroom. A swimsuit if you might use the sauna or hot tub (towels are provided). A flashlight, just in case.


Massage service is available on request. Sunrise also has a gift shop.

No Snail Mail

We are using only email again this year to send out information. If you know Baba Lovers who do not have email, please tell them about Sahavas, and please print a copy of this flyer for your own use.

Need More Info?

The folks at Sunrise Ranch are very friendly and helpful. Don’t hesitate to call them (970-679-4200) if you have questions about the camp or its accommodations. If you need further information about the program or questions for the planning committee, or if you wish to volunteer to help, call Rich Slavich at 303-789-3681.

How To Get There

• Take I-25 to Loveland, Exit #257B, Highway 34W
• Take Highway 34 W 10.9 miles through Loveland
• Turn Right at CR-27 (blue sign says “Sunrise Ranch” and green sign says “To Masonville”), drive 3.0 miles
• Turn Left at CR-29 (sign on left says “Sunrise Ranch, One Mile”), drive 1.0 miles
• Pass the Dome on your left, and the first Sunrise Ranch Rd.
• Turn Right at the second Sunrise Ranch Road, at a large stone sign that says “Sunrise Ranch.”
• Parking is available in the first lot on your left as you enter Sunrise Ranch Road.
The Pavilion, the main conference building, is just to the west. Enter through the main doors (under the porte cochere) and check in with the main office immediately to your right.
For assistance with driving directions, call the main office at 877-786-0078 or 970-679-4200. Only AT&T Wireless works in the valley. If you have other cell service, call before you get too far into the hills. See for maps.


If you need suggestions for making connections from DIA, please contact Rich Slavich: 303-789-3681 or