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The Words and Activites of Meher Baba

There are many wonderful resources to help you find out more about Avatar Meher Baba and his Message of Love.

Primary among these has to be the Avatar Meher Baba Trust web site.
Here you can find an e-library of practically all of Baba's writings plus current news about activities around the globe, photos, films and audio recordings. Also available are biographies, remembrances and histories of Meher Baba's work.

An inexhaustible resource for an almost day-by-day account of Meher Baba's life and messages is:
Lord Meher online
This enormous biography chronicles Baba's life from his father's first pilgrimage to his final dropping the body. It is fully searchable so you can find almost anything that Baba ever said about any subject be it spiritual or mundane.

The two most important Baba books are God Speaks and The Discourses. Both can be found online at the Avatar Meher Baba Trust site, but this online copy is also fully searchable:
The Discourses online

These two well-written entries at Wikipedia will give you a good idea of the background of the books and what you can expect to find in them:
God Speaks at Wikipedia
The Discourses of Meher Baba at Wikipedia

Print editions of all (or nearly all) of the books written by and about Meher Baba can be purchased from:
Sheriar Books